Monday, April 03, 2006

Recent Running

Some decent, but not great running in Connecticut, in some decent (40s, low 50s):

On Saturday I did about 21 in about 2:54. Most of the miles were rather slow - about 8:30 pace, but then when I finally found the 5-mile race course (after looking for it for most of the first 13 miles), I picked it up some - perhaps 7:45 or so pace.

I was tired on Sunday - excuses include Saturday's 21, Saturday's walking in NYC, and daylight savings time. But it really wasn't that bad. Half of the miles were slow again, until I once again wound up on the 5-mile course and managed an 8-minute pace there. Altogether 10 in 83.5.

Then came today. The weather was good (low 50s, very windy) but I wasn't. I did my 11-mile loop that includes the new subs, and it was my biggest stinker in a long time. 96 minutes - pretty much of a death march.

To atone, I stepped on the mill in the afternoon - 4 in 27 and a half with 8 x 400M averaging 90 seconds. A little atonement goes a long way.

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