Monday, April 24, 2006

Today's Run - 2006-04-24

I'm in a different hotel (Courtyard at the Depot) so I went exploring today. Then I wound up at the U of Minn. track. I'm about a mile closer than I was from the City Center Marriott. Of course this means that it's a mile or a bit less to walk to work every day. Oh well.

I hadn't expected to do any speedwork, but once on the track, I decided, what the heck? So I did some 200's. Wound up with 8, averaging a pretty-durn-fast 36 seconds. Altogether I did 10 in about 83 minutes.

Since I need some longer speedwork, I'll probably head to the track either tomorrow or Wednesday. Problem is, it'll be colder - today was nice: about 50.

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