Monday, April 03, 2006

Weekend In Connecticut

It was tough for me to break away from work, but Debbie and I spent a whirlwind weekend in Connecticut to visit Veronica and Barry. Not much happening Friday night, but Saturday we spent the day in "the city". Stood in line at TKTS and wound up with tickets to "The Producers" at 35% off - still about $300. Then we walked a long way to the Candle Cafe, a vegan restaurant that Veronica liked. It was yummy - Debbie and I bought their cookbook. The play was really great fun - extremely funny. The only bad thing was the ridiculously uncomfortable seats. Ate again at Friday's and took the train back to their joint. A long but fun day.

Barry got the bad news that evening - he wasn't accepted at Case for his PhD quest. They're going to have to decide what to do now.

We're planning to return in a few weeks for his graduation.

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