Sunday, December 03, 2006

recent running and other stuff

I went to see Mom and to get her a state ID on Friday. I had some trouble finding her SSN card, but eventually found an insurance card that did the trick. Friday night Debbie and I babysat for Dave and Jill. Mario was great! He was a whole lot of fun. Yesterday was my Ohio Challenge Series banquet. First place!! In my AG. After they took Jim Wilhelm out for the top Grand-Master prize. But I'll take it! I won $25 in cash and a $25 gift certificate to Raisin Rack. Debbie and I went right over to spend that right away since we were in the neighborhood. Interesting health stuff. Last night we went with Jessy and Kathy to a "TV Preview". It was nice to be with them, but the meeting was really weird. They said we were rating tv shows, but we were really telling them what we thought of the commercials and other products we might buy.

Yesterday I did 15 in BVH with Dave. The winds and the cold made it tough - wind chills were in the teens. Today I managed 16 more. I was happy to get through this, but I had a bit of knee pain, the first in weeks, for a couple short periods of time. And of course it was slow going.

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