Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Bad News Good News

The bad news was that I'm back up to 160 on the newly calibrated scale. Maybe I'll check that calibration again.

The good news is that I had a really good run today. Typical Dan thinking: Last night I thought: I'll set my alarm for 4:10 or so as usual to meet Dave, but if I happen to wake up at 3, I'll get there by 4 and run one 10-mile loop before we start together at 5:15.

Of course this is what happened. Best news is that I did the loop in a PR of 74 minutes. That's about a 2-minute PR, but I'll have to check. Felt fine.

Now a 7 1/2 minute pace should not be such a big deal for 10 miles, but it seems to be on that course. I'll take it.

Dave and I picked up Amy and Debbie and I ran for another 93 minutes. I'll call it 21 total.

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