Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Identity Theft

It happened to me. Before we left, got a call asking if we made an $11 charge in another state at a store on one of our credit cards. Sinde we did not, we were sent new cards with different numbers.

When we got home, we had some more ominous messages:
Did we request a different one of our credit cards to be sent to an address in Alaska. Since we didn't, that credit card will also be reissued to us.
Did we apply for new credit at Bank of America. This was the scariest because it means that someone has my SSN.

I checked another credit report. Everything is ok there. BOA told me to call one of the credit bureaus to place a 90 day fraud alert. I did so.

Looks like we're ok for now, but for how long? How did this happen? Even if we get through this for the short term, what's to stop it from happening again years from now?

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