Saturday, February 11, 2006

Today's Long Run 2005-02-11

Although I bonked yesterday, I had thought that that would be enough for the week. Maybe 10 to 15 today and then I'd quit. Didn't happen. Peer pressure from Dave and Brian got to me. We went down into the valley via Columbia and back up via Boston Mills, so there were no opportunities to quit until about 2 1/2 hours in. By that time I decided to run the last 2 (due to more peer pressure) and call it 20. Luckily the weather held - it was in the 20s with only a bit of wind and no new snow - and that had been the main reason that I had run long yesterday.

I didn't entirely bonk, but I couldn't keep up with those two going up the hills out of the valley. I was pleasantly surprized, however, when I could stay with them afterwards.

2:46. Call it 20.

Here's the interesting part: This is the second 80-mile week in a row, following a 77. I need a rest, but won't get it tomorrow because of DRNEO run. Probably Monday.

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