Sunday, February 12, 2006

Today's Run and Encounter - 2006-02-12

Bob H, Greg D, Rita C, George Z, Tom B, and yours truly had a nice run in the snow and cold at Hinckley today. Tom and I did a few trails, a few bike paths and a few tiny little road hills. Bob started with us, but wound up with George going around the lake. Rita and Greg did some other dipsy doodles. Rita wore pants!! First time since last winter. She needed them - it was pretty cold out there. The second most exciting thing to happen was when Tom and I raced a snowplow to the stop sign at the end of a road. We won. And that's a good thing - had we been 2nd and 3rd, we'd have been plowed into the snowbank. Tom - stop me if I'm stretching the truth a bit here.

George and Rita, Debbie and I and Laura watched BBB perform with second third of the Elysium Trio at BW. Very good concert. Rita and George had to split, but the rest of us went to Nuevo Acapulco for some good Mexican food afterwards.

Twas a good day all around.

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