Thursday, February 16, 2006

More Stupid Dan Tricks for Today's Run - 2006-02-16

The Stupid Dan Trick du jour? Same as Tuesday - if I happen to wake up at 3am, then maybe I'll do an extra 10 before the 10 with Dave. Just like Tuesday, of course, this is what happened.

But some things were different. It was raining off and on as I was headed for BVH. I started at 4:05 in the cold (47F) rain, and it got worse as I went on. It was a cold and wet 10 miles. I did it a minute and a half slower than Tuesday - 75:30. The rain subsided a bit in the last few miles.

Then I did the loop again with Dave. This time there was only a little rain. We did well - 81 minutes. This is one of our better runs together on that course.

I do believe I'm doing fairly well these days. But I'm still chilled to the bone from that cold rain.

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