Saturday, February 11, 2006

My Latest Bonk

Yesterday I did a 16-miler because I wanted to get some mileage in whilst the weather was runnable. I got up and out early and did a route I did a few weeks ago: Substation, Hamilton, Abbeyville, East Law to Metzger, up to 303, Myrtle, Hartneck, thru new subs, back on Hick Ridge, Manitaulin, Walnut Ridge & back. Great route!

Not so great a run. I think I bonked from lack of calories. First 5 were at 8-minute pace. Next 7 (short - to the rr tracks) were in 57. Those last 4, which are probably long, took 41 minutes. Didn't feel that bad tho.

2:18 - still faster than I was going in Maui.

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