Monday, January 02, 2006

3263 in 2005

The highlight for 2005 was undoubtedly the Tahoe Triple. I'm pretty durn proud of that. My other racing was mediocre at best. The 3:12 at Huntington wasn't bad, but I had been after 3:10. Boston (3:32) was really bad, and Cleveland (3:18) was somewhat of a disappointment as well.

The only other race where I did just about as expected was the River Run 1/2. I was hoping for 1:28 and I got it. A few other shorter races weren't bad, but none were really good either.

The mileage (3,263) and average pace (8.15) were about as expected.

I guess the key is weight. I sort of lost sight of this throughout most of the year - especially towards the end. I need to keep it in the equation.

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