Wednesday, January 25, 2006

My Runs on Maui - Jan 24 to Feb 3, 2006

Starting out from the Renaissaince Wailea, the same joint that Rita and George have been known to frequent, I headed south into the early morning darkness. After a couple miles I finally went by the last of the big resorts in the Wailea/Makena area. That's when the darkness really enveloped me. It's happened before - the time I was hit by a bicyclist coming fast down a hill, when neither of us saw the other. But this time I was wearing a bright headlamp around my waist. It made a huge difference, and I wound up collision-free, but the darkness was scary nonetheless.

I began hearing them rustling in the bushes in the sides of the road. Every now and then, one or two would make more of a fuss and fly away. These were "Rita's Chickens" - the ones that accompanied her on her run in these parts. They may have accompanied me, too, except they were spooked by me going by in the dark. Not that I wasn't spooked myself, you know...

It got even spookier as I reached the end of the road, because there is *nothing* around. Nothing.

I made it out in an hour, 13 minutes, and back (the cocks were beginning to crow now, because it was getting slightly light) in an hour, 11 minutes. I figure it was about 8 miles each way. I'll do it again - maybe more than once.

Tired legs - tired everything today. I just slogged around Kihei (and back on the busy highway) for an hour 55 minutes. I'll call it 13.

14 on the hotel dreadmill (1%) due to the pouring rain. Pretty good going though - I managed 11 miles at MP (75:22). Not too much holding on. 98.5 minutes total.

I did the run to the end of the road again today. This time it was even more interesting - I saw the Southern Cross and two shooting stars. It was even darker than last time due to the new moon. But those stars sure were bright.

More chickens rustling in the dark again. And something else too - a night hawk or owl flew along with me for a while. If I didn't know better, I'd say it was a chicken.

Anyway, I ran better this time, probably because I knew a bit better where I was going. 72.5 minutes out, and a semi-swift 69 minutes back.

Being a Software Engineering Metrics Consultant has at least one major drawback. I just *have* to measure everything. This meant driving the course I'd been running... Running with the assumption that it was at least 8 miles each way. It turns outh that these slow 16 milers I'd been doing are instead *extremely* slow 15 milers. Oh well - at least they are extremely slow 15 milers in Hawaii.

I should say that the course is very hilly. And I've already mentioned the darkness, which is still a problem despite my light. I've now run a few other places here in Makena, Wailea and Kihei, but this course remains the most challenging, exciting and fun. I'll keep at it.

I did do the course again on Sunday, and Tuesday. Could knowing the distance make me run faster? Splits for Sunday were 69.5 and 66.5 (1:16), and Tuesday they were 69.5 and 64.5 for a 1:14 (woo-hoo). One of the exciting things about the course are the stars. I mentioned the Southern Cross - I've been seeing that fairly regularly, as well as shooting stars. Great - except it's tough to keep my eyes on the dark road.

And I've noticed that as I hit the buffet some evenings, my light - that I have strapped around my waist above my navel, has begun pointing up. I call this the big belly syndrome.

One Monday, 1-30, I did 15 miles in 2:14, but not on the usual course - I just explored new roads aroung Kihei and Wailea.

This time it was the usual course again. And I done good - at least incrementally so. Splits were 69.5, 64.5 for a 2:14 - the best yet. Another enjoyable and adventurous trip.

I didn't have much time (we were to drive to the other side of the island), but I wanted to get another 15 in, so I stuck to the mill. Fairly good - with the first 13-mile MP in quite some time. I did begin holding on too much for mile 12, but then mile 13 was hands free again. Altogether 15 in 1:45, with the MP in 90 flat.

Last time for the 15-miler to the end of the road. At least for this trip. Just as enjoyable as the other ones, and the fastest yet. Splits were 67.5, 63.5 for a 2:11. Saw the southern cross again.

At least each of my five runs on the course got faster. I enjoyed them all. I think my fitness level has improved since the vacation began. I may squeeze in one more easy run.


Just 5 easy, slow miles around Wailea in 46 minutes. Lotso hills.

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