Sunday, January 15, 2006

Today's Runs - 2006-01-15

I started with 6 on the treadmill, including some 1/4 mile hill repeats at 6% elevation. Then I drove to Peninsula to run 6 extremely slow miles with Rita, George and Bob Hart on the icy towpath. Here is Rita's account of that run:

Bob Hart and Dan Horvath and George and I enjoyed
an icy run this morning on the towpath, heading south
from Lock 29. The thermometer in the car read 23F when
we pulled into the parking lot, so I debated with myself on
wearing long pants or shorts. The decision to wear shorts
was clinched when my husband said that to do so would
be insane. The coldest part of me turned out to be my hands.

The most eventful part of the run for me was the failure of
the YakTrax on my left foot. One of the metal springs broke
in half, so it doesn't stay on my shoe anymore. I had trouble
keeping it on my shoe last week also, but I didn't realize till
today that it had failed.

After our somewhat uneasy hour-long run on the icy path, we
had hot coffee and Bailey's and Pecan Sandies quickly in the
parking lot. No group photo, even though Bob Hart brought his
tripod, because we were freezing then and wanted to get to the
heated restrooms to change clothes. But George had run only
4 miles, and he says he took some photos of me and Bob and
Dan H returning to the parking lot at the end of our hour.

Breakfast was at Panera in Hudson afterwards, where we
decided we'd like to go to DoubleSides again.

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