Saturday, January 14, 2006

Today's Run - 2006-01-14

After 60F yesterday, I awoke to a snowstorm today. Driving towards Broadview Heights to run with Amy and Dave, I made it a mile into the storm before turning back. It was a real blizzard.

Onto the mill I went. Been a while since I did a 20 on it. But 20 it was. And not too bad either. After a hard shutdown due to a 1-2 minute electrical outage in the early miles. I got into a rhythm. My 5-mile splits were: 40, 38, 38, 35.5 for a total time of 2:31. Miles 16-19 made up a 4-mile tempo in 27:32.

I'd call this a great run except that there was some holding on. I've held much worse on other occasions, but I've gotta watch myself.

Afterwards I tried the old cold bath trick for the first time in a couple months. At Tahoe they were saying 15 minutes was the amount of time we should be in the cold water, so that's what I'd been doing. Today, besides the cold, my muscles seemed to be in pain from the position and from the cold water. I couldn't make it past about 2 minutes.

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