Saturday, June 03, 2006

Orrville YMCA 10K

A sub-40 minute 10k isn't as good as a sub-3 hour marathon, but it's still quite an achievement, and it's always a goal for any 10k I consider. I'm not always able to do it, even when I'm in good shape. I think I managed my last one about 2 years ago. I wanted to do it in Cleveland a few weeks ago, but the course snafu put the cabash on that idea. That was too bad, because based on my split times, I think my 10k time would have been very good indeed. For those keeping score, 40 minutes over 6.2 miles equates to about a 6:26 pace.

Today's weather wasn't too bad: it was probably in the upper 60s, with a lot of humidity. Luckily the sun wasn't out to bake us too much. And there were some hills, especially in the first half. Nothing unmanageable, but enough to make the course challenging.

Today's mile splits: 6:23, 6:31, 6:25 (half-way in something like 19:50 to 19:55), 6:22, 6:21, and 7:54 for the last 1.2. I finished in 39:57!!! 1st in my AG too. Still got some mojo left, but it may be going fast.

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