Sunday, June 11, 2006

Today's Run and Walk - 2006-06-11

I did my 11-mile Substation loop again today. I started decently, but the middle was very slow. The last 4 were decent again. Overall, just a so-so run - 93 minutes. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Nice walk with Debbie on the Old Carriage Trail. It's a tough 5.5 mile hike, but we managed just fine. That is such a beautiful trail.

Saw 3 snakes - 2 of them good-sized garters, and one a very large black snake. That's the biggest snake I've seen in NE Ohio. Debbie was afraid to cross it's path, but it eventually crossed over and moved on - it had it's own snake business to attend to.

Also saw a baltimore oriole.

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