Thursday, June 29, 2006

Modem and Today's Run

Verizon had said that my connectivity problem was the DSL Modem. The new one came and did the same thing: nothing. Yesterday's technician was finally able to fix it. It was a problem at their end. I'm returning the modem. In the mean time, I've been using some neighbor's wireless network.

Another bad run today - that's two in a row. Even though it was a nice morning, I ran on the mill today. There were a variety of reasons, none of which were very good. But the main one was that I felt the need to do some speed and didn't have much time to get to the track.

The stinker part was that I couldn't get going once again. I wound up with 2 x 3MI tempo runs, 11 in all in 78 minutes. But there was way too much holding on.

1st run in new Gel-Empire shoes.

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