Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Today's Run - 2006-06-21

Having some time on my hands again, I did the Grand Rounds for the second time this week. Today it was much warmer (low 70s) and much more humid. My goal was to finish stronger and have a slightly faster time than that of Monday.

The humidity hit me right away. Even though my legs were remarkably un-sore and un-tired, by breathing was labored. so the first few miles were slightly slower than Monday's. I was able to pick it up just a bit in the middle section on Minnihaha Parkway, and yes, I finished stronger as well. Not a lot stronger, just a little. But considering the heat, I'll call it a very good run.

I did: first 7.25 or so down to South Beach on Lake Harriet (59). 5.5 or so on Minnehaha Parkway (43). last 7.25 (55.5). Altogether it was 2:38. I decided to add one minute to this time and to Monday's because running from the Courtyard is just slightly shorter than from the Marriott.

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