Saturday, June 10, 2006

Today's Run and Graduation Party

Ran on the towpath and various wooded trails with Dave, Amy and Brian for 2:20 or so. Very nice trail running. When we got back on the towpath, Dave wanted to pick it up for the last mile - to a 6:00 pace. I answered that I had never ever run a 6 minute mile on the towpath, but that I'd try to pick it up anyway. The other two started fast, but I finished fast, passing them in the last quarter or so. My time? 5:53! Dave and Brian did 6 minutes flat. I'll call it 17 today - most was pretty slow, but we did gradually pick it up. Fun going.

Nice talking with Dave, Brett and Amy at Bruggers afterwards.

Then it was on to Tom and Debbie's son Andrew's Graduation party. It was really great to see all my cousins again. And we're all excited to be seeing each other again in 3 more weeks.

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